Firedl 2.2

Firedl 2.2

Free Download files from as a premium user for free and at full speed
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If you wish to download a file from (one of the many file hosting services available), you will be offered two options – a free slow option and a premium paid option with unlimited download speeds. Firedl, however, offers you a third option. This free utility can turn your Rapidgator download link into a Firedl link that will allow you to grab the required file from the site as if you were a premium user – i.e., without any download speed limitations and without paying for it.

Though still in beta status, Firedl is already a fully-functional utility with a very straightforward approach that makes the entire process a fairly simple one. As a novice user, however, it took me a while to figure out all the steps I had to take to get to my Rapidgator file despite the screenshots in the program’s site. Once you manage to do so, you start appreciating the simplicity of use of this free tool. A help file (probably available through the disabled Menu button on the program’s interface) or a couple of extra screenshots in the program’s website showing how to proceed once you’ve got the new link would surely make many potential users happy.

When someone wants to share with you a file they stored in one of Rapidgator’s servers, you will get a download link. This is a Rapidgator link that takes you to the file in question, and that you can download with or without speed restrictions depending on your status and the price you’re willing to pay. The differences are huge – premium users could download in less than ten seconds a file that will take non-registered users nearly half an hour to download. What Firedl does is to use your Rapidgator link to download all the information required to grab the file and to wrap it into a new Firedl link, which will take you to the same file via an alternative route where no speed restrictions apply. To achieve this you have to log in into your Firedl free account, paste the Rapidgator link, wait for the program to download and convert the required info into a Firedl link, and then (and this is the step that you won’t find in the program’s website) copy and paste that link to your browser’s address bar to start the download. The only speed restrictions you will have to face then are the ones imposed by your Internet connection.

This simple utility provides you with premium privileges for all your Rapidgator downloads at no cost at all. If you happen to be a frequent Rapidgator user or if the files you have to download from that site are of a considerable size, this is an excellent workaround to avoid all download speed restrictions that the file hosting service imposes on non-registered users. I expect this beta version to evolve soon into to a full-fledged app (help files and all) that will surely make all Rapidgator users really happy.

FM Senior editor
Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides you with premium user status for free
  • Unlimited speed downloads
  • Preserves your download links


  • Scarce info about the program's functionality
  • No configurable options or settings


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